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The Advanced Diplomacy Mod was created by user dabo1

Report any crashes to dabo1.

Every player starts at peace with each other. There are 3 levels of diplomacy status between players:

  • allied (to attack an ally, you have to cancel the alliance, wait a turn, then cancel the peace treaty(declare war), and wait another turn)
  • at peace (to attack someone you are at peace with, you have to declare war). This will take effect in 1 turn.
  • at war (the default status of Warzone)

Unlike regular diplo games, attacks while allied/at peace DO NOT count as war declarations, since they simply do not happen


[edit] Basic features

  • Prevent AIs from attacking
  • Declare war (if allied or at peace). Will take 1 turn.
  • Offer peace. This is effectively a cease-fire unless turned into an alliance. If the peace offer is accepted the same turn, and you had committed attacks, your attacks will be canceled by the mod.
  • Offer alliance (if at peace). Can be accepted the same turn.
  • Cancel the alliance (if allied). Will take effect the next turn.
  • Pending requests: see a list of requests from other players. This list will pop up at the beginning of your turn. You can decline the request if you do not wish to see
  • Mod history: see a list of alliances and war declarations and peace offers.
  • Alliances:
    • You can see all the territories your ally sees(depends on settings). This only works if spy cards are in the game.
    • Can be public or private (depends on settings)
  • Trading
    • It is advised to use gift cards for trading since you can not attack without war

[edit] Example games

[edit] Frequently Asked Questions:

click this for an more in-depth manual for this mod

Q: How do I declare war? Note: Attacks do NOT count as war declarations. A: To declare war, click Game Mod: Advanced Diplo V4 Declare War Select Player... (Select the player from the list) Declare

Q: Does gifting a territory count as a card piece? A: No

Q: How do I accept a peace request? A: To accept peace, click Game Mod: Advanced Diplo V4 Pending Requests and then search the offer and click accept

Q: Is the bomb/sanction card an act of war? The Sanction card and all other cards that require war can not be played if they require war and you are not at war, but they do not declare war. You cannot bomb unless you're at war ( This can be overwritten in the mod settings at game creation)

Q: What if I bomb/sanction someone I'm allied with? Check the game mod settings. The game creator can allow bomb/sanction to be used on allies and players you are in peace with, but this is disabled by default.

[edit] Mod limitations:

Do not use in conjunction with other mods that use a pop-up notification system

In order to have the feature "See ally territories" working you need to have spy cards included in the game

Report any crashes to dabo1.

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