Update 5.11.2

Warzone has just been updated to version 5.11.2! This blog post describes what’s changed.

The website and standalone clients have been updated to this version now. The Android and iOS apps will be updated within the next week or so.

Clan War Improvements

The Clan War map now shows a info button (“I”) next to each clan in the list. Clicking this button lets you see a list of all Clan War games that clan participated in, with links to view each one, the template that was played. The color of the button signals if it was a win, loss, or if it’s still in-progress.

Clans that participate in a Clan War but haven’t earned a territory yet now show up in the clan rankings so you can see that they participated as well as see their games.

When viewing a started timeslot, it now lists both the games and players who didn’t get their game under the template that they signed up for. This helps make it easier to see what’s going on. As a side-effect of this change, timeslots that were played before this update won’t show any non-free-win players, since the old version did not record what template they queued up for.

Fixed dupe colors being assigned to a clan when there were opportunities to not dupe.

Idle Changes

– Inspecting a not-yet-conquered territories while having hospitals will show you how many armies your hospitals will save you when conquering that territory.
– Tuned the Speedy Crafters and Speedy Smelters artifacts: Low rarities were buffed, and higher rarities were nerfed.
– Fixed “Battle ends in 0s” countdown timer.
– Fixed auto-sell advancement running more often than it should.

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