Members: Sign up to beta test WarLight on iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch

EDIT: We have all the testers we need for now. Thanks for everyone who applied!

If you’re a WarLight member and would like to be a beta tester of WarLight’s mobile client, now is your chance!

However, due to Apple’s restrictions, space is very limited. Not everyone will get in. So please only apply if you want to help improve the app, and are willing to share your experiences of using the app with me. Sharing your experience helps me improve the app, which is the primary goal of having beta testers.

If you’re not interested in providing feedback and just want to play the game on your device, you will need to wait until the app is officially released or switch to Android, where all members are allowed in since it’s not bound by Apple’s restrictions.

All iOS devices that are running iOS 5.0 or higher are supported. The first invitations will be sent out as soon as the upcoming 1.16.3 release is ready (hopefully in about a week).

If you applied before…

If you’ve applied to be a beta tester before and did not get in, feel free to try again. More space has recently opened up, so the bar is slightly lower. Please be sure to read the application page carefully, as the most common reason that players didn’t get in was not following the instructions precisely.

If you were an alpha tester…

If you’ve tested WarLight on iOS before, and are no longer a tester due to switching devices, feel free to apply again now. I will review the feedback you sent the first time, so you don’t need to submit as detailed of an application as the link above requests.

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