Play Risk Online

The most famous multiplayer online risk style game is Warzone. The site was launched in 2008 and has had over 6 million games played so far. The classic feature of risk is country-to-country conflicts resolved by a roll of the dice, instead of using dice Warzone use attacking/defending ratios. Attackers kill 60%, so for example if an attacker has 50 armies at the start of the turn they would be able to kill 30 armies in a neighboring country. As a defender with 50 armies the defense kill ratio is 70%, so as an example of 50 defending armies they would kill 35 incoming armies.

In a scenario with 40 armies in Territory Alpha attacking 40 armies in Territory Beta. Player Alpha will be left with 12 armies and player Beta would be left with 16 armies. The difference of 4 armies is a 10 percent difference between attacker and defender. It always pays to defend in a conflict. Being an attacker costs 10% more but the spoils of war often outweigh the costs.

Turn based strategy war game
Warzone has three phases to an attack. 1) Deployment, 2) Attacking, 3) Confirming. The classic game of Risk also has three phases, 1) Deployment, 2) Attacking, 3) Reinforcement. However Risk has the players take their turn in sequential order, Warzone has turns taken in parallel. The biggest advantage to parallel play is faster games and it makes the play more balanced.

The luck of the cards
Strategy is super important in both Risk and Warzone. When it comes to determining the outcome of the game the cards can make a difference. The player with the most strategic thinking may not win in the board game Risk. In Warzone luck plays little effect on the outcome of the game because cards are given out in fair manner.

Dice Control the game
While cards in Risk are a big factor in winning, the biggest luck factor are the dice. A hot roller can play Risk online and win a game with a pair of sixes at the best moment. It is hard to dispute luck plays a huge roll with the dice and they can beat a brilliant strategy. It is unfortunate that skill can be beaten by lucky rolls.

Lots of Maps
Warzone has many maps to enjoy, when you play Risk you play the same board. So while you can play both games online now it is far better to play Warzone than to play Risk.

Available on Android Market and in the iOS App Store
Warzone has taken the best aspects of the game Risk and compiled it into a perfect version of the game. The most convenient part about Warzone is that it's available online on multiple platforms so it can be played virtually anywhere. It has multiplayer options allowing players the luxury of inviting friends to join in a game without the hassle of clearing off the kitchen table and busting out the board game. It is a great way for people to connect with each other, it is a game so people play for fun, but it also activates the brain. That's another important thing to remember, Warzone is all about playing smart and strategizing, it has very little to do with luck. Winning ultimately comes down to who has a better strategy and how he decides to take on his opponent. The rules and general idea of the game mirror that of Risk but Warzone is a fine tuned version available at the player's fingertips.

Endless Possibility
Since the game is online there are more options than in the traditional game, such as a plethora of maps. A player even has the ability to create his own maps and design them to his liking, customizing the game. This creates a more exciting atmosphere for the player along with giving him more options than the original version. With over 6 million people playing the game since its release, the Warzone community is big and continuing to grow. People are quick to realize that it is one of the best online versions of the long-time favorite Risk, and for good reason. In a game of Warzone, each player decides which move he wants to make, confirms it, and then the turns occur simultaneously, rather than in sequential order. This not only allows the game to run more smoothly but it takes less time to complete. It is also a little more exciting this way because a player sees his opponent's move either after or before his, depending on who's turn it is, and the moves make sense because they are occurring in a parallel fashion.

Available to Everyone
In playing the game online, a player can challenge friends no matter where they may live. Due to this fact alone, Warzone has the ability to reconnect old friends and introduce new friends all because the players share a common interest. Even though this game is inherently political, it attracts many different kinds of people with different beliefs. Warzone has already expanded into an immense online community compiled of players who love the game, especially the convenience of playing it anywhere. It is not difficult to determine that people who loved the game Risk will love Warzone even more.