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Why I BL Јовица Манић?: 9/15/2015 01:29:23

Level 56
I guess there is many such a tearful topics on the forum but I'm ticked off.

Take a look on https://www.warlight.net/MultiPlayer?GameID=9460936

From turn 10th till the end Јовица didn't attack nemesis at all! He played only against my teammate and let blue to develope.

He wrote on the chat "i just pull you into my grave" and "i can fight whoelse i want". And he surrendered immediately after we surrendered.

Could he? Yes, he could. Is it legal? Yes, it is. But playing when you know you have no chance to win, esspecially playing only against one team - it is not fair play spirit.

If you agree BL this #@%$@$
Why I BL Јовица Манић?: 9/15/2015 01:40:22

Vernita Green
Level 56
Yes! let's blacklist all the people you don't like.
Who else should we blacklist?
Why I BL Јовица Манић?: 9/15/2015 03:53:12

Master Bjarke
Level 63
well his teammate fought only the other team (untill elimination) so guess that makes the result fair :P. It's not even like he didn't fight them all the way though he fought with blue a lot, untill blue stopped trying to invade Turkey. He didn't attack you outside of Turkey (e.g. turn 9). I think that is a very valid strategy. You can't blame a guy for fighting back.
Why I BL Јовица Манић?: 9/15/2015 13:38:37

Level 59
You tried to eliminate him on turn 3. Then your teammate tried again on turn 5. I don't think anything you say after doing that is worth listening to, and to be honest you deserved to lose that with the terrible way you played. You played that whole game horrendously, I would be embarresed to even show this game to anyone, let alone post it on the forums, imo.
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