Beta phase 18:

 - The Reconnaissance Card and the Surveillance Card are now available.  See help for full details.
 - Sanctions cards and Diplomacy cards are no longer visible to everyone, unless the game is configured to show all cards being played.  Instead, only the player and the receiver (and their teams) will be able to see that the card was played.
 - Sanctions cards and Diplomacy cards now show an event when they wear off in the orders list, similar to how spy cards worked previously.
 - When playing a spy card, the game now shows you that player's income on the right side.  Spy cards also now appear when clicking "View Active" under the cards panel.
 - The number of turns that a spy card is in effect is now configurable by the game creator.  For example, you can have spy cards last 2 or 3 turns instead of the usual 1.
 - The spy card can now spy on Neutral if enabled by the game creator.
 - Fixed a bug related to the Sanctions card that caused a player's income to be incorrect when viewing history.

 - A "black list" is now available.  This allows you to block players from joining Open Seats in games you create.
 - Armies that fail to execute an order due to "attack only", "transfer only" or diplomacy card can no longer do another action on the same turn.
 - When selecting a bonus, the info panel on the left now shows the number of territories that make up that bonus.
 - When forwarding invites in Round Robin tournaments, declined players no longer count towards the total.
 - The setting "Minimum Armies Per Turn" is now more aptly named "Base Armies Per Turn"
 - The slider on the attack dialog now goes all the way down to 0, to make deleting orders easier without using the keyboard.
 - Chat text is now selectable for copy/paste.
 - When joining or creating a game with booting disabled, you now get a warning explaining that the game will stall if someone quits.
 - Map Designer:  The Territory Name box now gets highlighted whenever selecting a territory.
 - Facebook "Like" button restored; it was accidently removed in the previous release.
 - Fixed a bug that caused chat messages to get marked as read even when the chat window was not opened.
 - When typing into the Bonuses and Territories box, hotkeys are now suppressed.
 - Improved performance when rendering a map using manual distribution.  This is most noticible on big maps, such as the Big USA map with 3100 distributable territories.
 - When sending chat, pressing Enter twice no longer causes the message to get sent twice.
 - The forum now disables the Post button after posting to prevent double-posts.
 - If you attempt to create a game with a card and set the weight to 0 and the minimum pieces per turn to 0, you now get a warning letting you know the card will never be offered.
 - Fixed a bug that would rarely cause an error when pressing Escape.
 - Declining an open seat team game no longer gives the team-declining warning.
 - In pop-up panels, clicking and holding your mouse on a button no longer drags the window. This allows you to move off of a button.