Beta phase 12:
 - Flash client complete.  Many changes were made throughout the Flash client, including bugfixes and small features.
 - You can now view teammate's orders.  In the Flash client, simply click their name in the bottom-right and then click View Teammate Orders.  This works both for human teammates and AIs, and also works during the distribution phase of the game so you can see what territories your teammates picked.
 - You can now easily insert the name of a territory into your Chat window by holding Control when clicking on a territory in the Flash client.
 - The profile page received a visual update as well as a few minor changes in other places on the website.
 - Round Robin tournament games are now numbered so their names are not all identical.
 - The page's <title> now changes to indicate when it is your turn in the game you are viewing.
 - The invitation network was changed to use HTML so it can continue to work after Silverlight is retired.
 - Forum long-thread improvements: A new link, Jump to Last Page, makes getting to the last page of long threads easier.  Long threads now also have a pager at the top.  Further, posting to page two of a thread no longer takes you back to page one.
 - Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause a game to show Unread Chat Messages even when you've already read them.
 - Fixed a bug that caused an error if you attempted to view territory picks for a player that was booted during the distribution phase of a game.
 - Fixed a bug that would rarely cause an AI to have the same color as you in a Single Player game.

Beta phase 12.1:
 - Flash performance improvements.
 - Fixed a bug in the Map Designer that prevented you from making connection lines while zoomed in.
 - Fixed a bug in the Map Designer that prevented you from uploading a new svg when there were unsaved changes.
 - Fixed a bug in Flash that sometimes made the attack/transfer dialog not focus on the armies text box.
 - Removed wait dialogs when in Single Player.