Beta phase 11:
 - Alpha release of Flash client.  See the post on the Features forum for full details.

 - Fixed a bug that caused a game to show Unread Chat if a player in an open seat chatted and declined before anyone else in the game chatted.
 - Fixed a bug that, in rare cases, caused history to be unviewable.
 - Fixed a bug that occurs when selecting the Strategic 1v1 template but changing to a different map.
 - Fixed a bug that would cause a game to start full of neutrals if too many players were added to the game at the lobby.
2010-02-20: Beta phase 11.1:
 - Changed Silverlight to use Flash's map rendering engine.  They will now render maps identically, fixing a couple broken maps. (Finland Big and East vs West)
 - Fixed a bug in Flash that would cause the game to not change to Finished state when accepting a surrender after committing your orders.
 - Fixed a bug in Flash on the Single Player tab when clicking Map Preview -> Go back.
 - Fixed a bug in Flash that presented a nudge buttons for AI players in the lobby.
 - Fixed a bug in Flash on the Settings dialog that would sometimes cause the View Map button to overlap text.
 - Fixed a bug in Flash that occurred when the host deleted a Lobby game you were looking at.
 - Adjusted the vertical sizing of the left column in Flash so that the top controls are always visible.