2009-09-05: Beta phase 10:

 - You can now add computer-controlled AI players to multi-player games.  Simply use the Add AI button.  Note that AIs cannot be used in ranked games.
 - You can now add a list of favorite games to your profile.  See the "Edit your Profile" page to select which games are your favorite and they will be present as links.
 - Added the results of single player levels to players profiles.
 - The Random Cities and Random Warlords distributions no longer include zero-army bonuses or negative valued bonuses.
 - Challenge 2 tweaked: Human and AI starts adjusted and abandon card added for the player with an exceptionally high multiplier.
 - Added the ability to change the default sound setting.  See the Settings page.
 - The forum now displays the last poster in each thread.
 - The forum now pages its results.
 - Fixed an issue that could have resulted in single-player data getting confused if you played many single-player games at once in different browsers/computers.
 - Fixed a bug that caused freshly-created maps to not appear on your map list until you refreshed.
2009-09-13: Beta phase 10.1:
 - Challenge 2 tweaked again: One fewer AI, adjusted starts and abandon card multipler increased slightly.
 - AIs now use cards when their human teammates are eliminated.
 - Fixed a typo in the create game wizard.
 - Fixed a bug that allowed a player on a team with an eliminated player to not play a card when they were over the limit.
 - Fixed a bug that prevented map designers from taking a map out of testing mode when someone marks a game as favorite.
 - Fixed a bug that occurred when a map designer removes a territory from a map that was included in a scenario distribution.

2009-10-18: Beta phase 10.2:

 - Website look and feel re-designed. 
 - The spelling of Solomon Islands was fixed on the Earth maps.
 - The player was given 7 more armies at the start of Challenge 2.

2009-10-24: Beta phase 10.3:

 - Fixed a bug that affected non-english users.