- Unity: Added tabs for members. It can be enabled/disabled on the settings page.
 - Unity: The camera now retains it position for each page, which means it will stay in the same place you left it when you navigate to a different page, zoom/pan around, then return to the original page.
 - Website: UJS pages now display a more accurate title of each page.
 - Website: Fixed a bug with mods that defined Server_AdvanceTurn.lua but not Server_AdvanceTurn_Order.
 - Website: Fixed text next to mega games on the multi-player dashboard so it's correctly spaced.
 - Classic: Mega games can now go up to 200 players, up from the previous limit of 100.
 - Classic: Added a small sound that plays when new chat is sent to a game.
 - Classic: Cleaned up the text that gets displayed before playing a card on a couple cards.
 - Classic: Fixed wasteland icon sometimes appearing on a custom scenario game.
 - Classic: Fixed a bug with mods that made structures not get added sometimes when they were supposed to.
 - Classic: Fixed "try again" button giving errors if you are in an SP game where you haven't unlocked one of the features that game uses.
 - Idle: Added auto-dig advancement that will automatically start dig sites and claim artifacts.
 - Idle: Added Advanced Auto-Conquer advancement that conquers territories more intelligently than normal auto-conquer.
 - Idle: Tweaked maximum upgrade of a couple visibility advancements so they divide evenly into 3.
 - Website: Fixed a bug that made some clicks not register as being over the map when near a dialog with a scrollable region.
 - All: Warzone accounts can now be deleted at https://www.warzone.com/Account/Delete or via the iOS/Android settings menu.

 - Idle: Improved algorithm behind Advanced Auto Conquer.
 - Unity: Fixed a bug with tabs that could make a tab freeze if an alert appeared it on, then later an alert appeared on another tab.
 - Unity: Fixed a bug that made some idle purchases not show up until the next sync.
 - Classic: Fixed the chat sound so it works when chat is open now, and doesn't sound when opening a game.