- All: Added Mega Games, allowing for multi-player games up to 100 players.
 - All: If a game was made from a template, then the template was later changed, and you try to make a copy of that game's settings, Warzone will now detect this situation and give you the option of copying the game or the template, rather than always copying the template.
 - All: Increased map SVG size limit from 2.5mb to 3.0mb.   Increased maximum number of territories from 3500 to 4000.
 - All: Fixed "Finish versus AI" on modded games.
 - Website: Added template names to each season of the seasonal ladder.
 - Android: Fixed a bug with territory links on some devices.
 - Mods: Non-supported colors for buttons now make the button appear gray instead of broken.  See wiki for a full list of working colors.