- Idle: Added the option to super ascend.
 - Idle: Added 17 new levels for players who have super ascended.
 - Idle: Fixed auto-mortar not being disableable.
 - Idle: Hardened Copper Creek Castle's reward is now an epic artifact, since it can be earned multiple times with super ascend.
 - Classic: Fixed the error message that is received when mods have stack overflow bugs.
 - Classic: Fixed quickmatch coin wager box being checked when both wagers were 0.
 - All: When a clan war timeslot has only one template, that template will never be Strategic 2v2.
 - Android: Fixed a bug that could make push notifications not enable properly.  You may need to clear storage for the app and re-open it one time after updating to 5.16 if your notifications still don't work.

 - All: Increased the number of templates available per timeslot in Clan Wars slightly.
 - Idle: Added a notification for when artifacts cool down and are ready to use again.
 - Idle: Added achievements for new features.  These are the last idle achievements for the foreseeable future.
 - Unity: Updated Unity version from 2019.4 to 2020.3.
 - Unity: Updated map format to use 32-bit index buffers, which fixes the layering issue that some big maps had.
 - Classic: Fixed "Finish versus AI" button on games with eliminated players.
 - Classic: Fixed "Try again" button when finishing versus AI.
 - Website: Removed WebGL web mode.