- All: Added the ability for community levels to specify which AI they want their AIs to use.
 - All: Clicking "Rematch" on an open game will now start a rematch with the same players who played that game.
 - All: Made level "Caesar's Challenge" slightly easier.
 - All: Due to recent abuse, 1-coin entry fee games are no longer allowed to be created. Creating a coin game from the Coins/CreateGame page must use at least two coins.  It's still OK to play 1-coin games through Quickmatch.
 - All: Fixed an issue with quickmatch that would leave you 0 checked templates if your only checked templates were removed due to their votes.  Thanks to Jody for reporting this.
 - All: Fixed a bug with AI randomness when it was completely surrounded by neutral territories.
 - Website: Added "Fun Stats" page to /Membership and to the drop-out in the top right.
 - UJS: Fixed several camera positioning issues that happened when your OS scale was set to a scale other than 100%.  Thanks to Pardon for reporting this.
 - UJS: Fixed a bug that made the Cowzow AI produce incorrect attacks.
 - Unity/Website: Community events now has its own page instead of being a part of the community tab.  Events can now show a description and tell you if you can join.
 - Unity: Updated Unity to 2018.4.22f1
 - Unity: Fixed tooltips.  Thanks to BuffaloTrace for reporting this.
 - Unity: Fixed community tab refreshing every activate.
 - iOS: Increased quality of loading images.  Thanks to Muli for reporting this.
 - iOS: Fixed a bug that could cause sides of the screen to be in the wrong position after locking + unlocking phone and rotating the device.

 - All: Fixed many Wunderwaffe and Cowzow bugs.
 - All: When creating a rematch of a game that had open seats, you can now choose if you want it to be a rematch with the same players or to re-create the open game.
 - Website: Fixed FunStats bug.
 - Unity: Fixed minor graphical issues with the main menu animations.
 - Unity: Fixed color of the chat room's "join a clan" message that appears if you're not in a clan.
 - Unity/UJS: Fixed create tournament bug that occurred if you started to make a public tournament, but then went back and changed it to private.  Thanks to OvertForeigner for reporting this.
 - All: Fixed a bug if you start to create a game invite by code, then purchase a membership, then finish making the game invite by code, it would not increase your player limit.
 - Website: Added links to privacy policy to the Export to YouTube feature.
 - iOS: Fixed bug with facebook login.
 - UJS: Improved army number rendering code so that strokes are always behind digits, and to be more performant when zoomed in on large maps.
 - UJS: Cities now have strokes around them to make them easier to see.
 - Unity/UJS: Fixed a bug with quickmatch that could cause an error if you tried to uncheck all templates.
 - Unity/UJS: The number on top of the chat room button no longer counts messages you sent, such as when you post to your clan's forum. Thanks to linberson for reporting this.
 - All: Fixed a bug that made the game invite notification not be sent for some games.  Thanks to Adrian D'Agostino for reporting this.
 - All: Fixed the raffle bot seeing messages in clan chat.
 - All: Fixed "/noparse" being removed from chat messages.
 - UJS: Fixed text stroke when special units are present.
 - All: Fixed archived games not being able to load.