- Unity/UJS: Game creators can now get a 4-digit code for their game and invite players by distributing the code, instead of inviting directly.  See the blog for full details.
 - Unity/UJS: Game creators can now specify banking boot time to be added based on a schedule.
 - Unity/UJS: Multi-day games now show the clock in the upper right corner just like real-time games do, so you can always see how much banked time you have left.
 - Unity/UJS: The lobby now has a Start Game button that allows the game creator to start any multi-player game.  For a non-code game, this is just a shortcut to removing all open seats and players who haven't accepted the invite.
 - Unity/UJS: Fixed a bug that made single-player levels with AI teammates not show their orders for the first turn after resuming a saved level.  Thanks to Nemo for reporting this.
 - Unity/UJS: Fixed a mod limitation to allow mods to transfer armies in an unsuccessful transfer order.  Thanks to Krzystof for reporting this.
 - All: On the My Games page, the boot time displayed now adds in your current banked time.  This makes it easier to see how long you really have to play that turn.
 - All: On the My Games page, multi-day games where it's your turn now sort by how long you have until you get booted.  This makes it easier to see which games are in most danger by looking at the top of the list.
 - All: Added new single-player levels, and tweaked some of the previously added ones.  Thanks to Lepanto31 for level suggestions.
 - All: Removed vote-to-boot.
 - All: Fixed a bug that made points not be awarded for new single player levels in some cases.  Thanks to Hornet for reporting this.
 - Website: Fixed [hr] inside of [code].  Thanks to TBest for being the first to report this.
 - Unity: The "Past Games" button on the multi-player tab is not shown to players with no games.
 - iOS/Android: Fixed a bug with clan in-app purchase.

 - All: Fixed a bug with single player level results not saving.