- All: You can now view a list of all community levels that you've liked, or a list of all levels you've played in the last week.
 - Unity: The community tab now has a button that lets you view all clans.
 - Unity: Tapping a clan icon now lets you see information about that clan in the app instead of being redirected to the website.
 - Unity: When you're invited to a clan, the app now flashes the top right button and gives you an option to accept or decline the invitation.  It also sends you a push notification.
 - Unity: The store tab now allows for creating clans.
 - Unity: Fixed a bug that made clan chat not be registered as viewed, leaving the red number up when it shouldn't have been.  Thanks to ViralGoat for reporting this.
 - Unity: Fixed a bug that caused an error when posting to an old forum thread.  Thanks to number for reporting this.
 - Website: Clan pages now show their icon.
 - Website: Clan managers can no longer invite someone to a clan that's already in a clan.  If someone wishes to move clans, they must first leave their existing one to receive an invite to the new one.