- Unity/UJS/Website: Dark Theme.
 - Unity/UJS: Updated many pages to layout better on small screen sizes.
 - Unity/UJS: When making a tournament with a very short start time, the game now warns you that not many people will be have a chance to join.
 - All: Fixed InvalidOperationException error.
 - All: If a game with mods times out more than 10 times in a row, it will be automatically ended by vote-to-end.
 - All: Level "3 Blind Mice" made slightly easier.
 - Website: Fixed missing style on forum next to "hidden threads" link.
 - Unity: Fixed level up dialog from overlapping alerts.  Thanks to Hamstirly for reporting this.
 - Unity: Fixed flag on full profile page.
 - Unity: Fixed a bug with changing accounts with the chat room open.  Thanks to Beren for reporting this.
 - Android: When editing text, using the back button to close the software keyboard no longer wipes out changes made.  Thanks to Dyrenair for reporting this.
 - UJS: Fixed performance issue.
 - Unity: Fixed graph colors on attack analyze with luck graph.  Thanks to Hamstirly for reporting this.
 - All: Improved performance of mods.
 - All: Fixed a bug with in-progress orders that discard a card your teammate ends up playing.  The game will now ignore the discard order instead of booting you.  Thanks to Nemo for reporting this.
 - UJS: Fixed a bug when focus was on the history slider that made arrow keys move the turn twice instead of once.  Thanks to TBest for reporting this.
 - UJS: Fixed a bug that sometimes made opening chat scroll the game off the top of the screen, especially in Edge.  Thanks to roan for reporting this.
 - Unity: Added grey border around smoky black button in the store so it's visible on the dark background.