- All: Added Chat Rooms for global chat and clan chat.  See the blog for full details.
 - UJS: Fixed a bug that could cause an error when clicking on a button just as it was being removed.
 - UJS-Canvas: Fixed a bug when loading a map that was previously loaded from Flash that could give a "could not connect" error.
 - Unity: Fixed a bug that could cause an error when closing a game with mods at a specific time when it's loading.  Thanks to Gmanicus for reporting this.
 - Unity/UJS: Fixed the hover text of the coin icon at the top of a game that's part of a coin tournament.  It now shows the tournament's prize instead of 0 prize.  Thanks to Master Jaesar for reporting this.
 - Unity/UJS: Fixed a bug with mods sending a custom message to a game during the picking phase.  Thanks to Krzystof for reporting this.
 - Unity/UJS: Fixed vote-to-boot text on yourself in games with banking boot times and vote-to-boot disabled.  Thanks to number for reporting this.
 - Website: Fixed a bug that made some games not be exportable to YouTube.  Thanks to Awesomezach04 for reporting this.
 - Android: Chat messages are now sent immediately when closing the software keyboard instead of requiring a second "send" press.
 - iOS/Android: Fixed a bug that could cause single player progress to be lost when signing up for a new account.
 - iOS/Android: Enabled autocorrect for software keyboards to aid in typing.
 - Android: Fixed a bug that caused the app to crash on some devices.
 - Unity: Added a link to the website's profile from the unity profile page.
 - Unity: Fixed a bug with adding/removing friends that caused the changes to not be reflected until the app was restarted.
 - All: Added more space for chat room names.
 - All: Added the ability to filter out open game creation in the global chat room.
 - All: Clicking on chat room messages now requires clicking the name on the left.  This allows copy+paste of the message.
 - Website: The chat room's title now says Chat Room instead of Multi-Player.
 - Website: Fixed a bug in changing clan member's titles.  Thanks to TheRiverStyxie for reporting this.
 - All: In chat rooms, new posts in forum threads now link to the last page of that thread instead of the first.  Thanks to TBest for reporting this.
 - All: Changed aligment of player names in chat so they look better when truncated.
 - Android: Fixed "Empty stack" error.
 - Android/iOS: Fixed chat room sizing based on ads and/or iPhone X notch.
 - Unity: Fixed community levels opened through chat room redirecting to the browser.  Thanks to Muli for reporting this.
 - All: Added raffle chat bot to global chat room.
 - Website: Added the ability to change sort options on the Community Levels page.
 - Website: Added new community levels to the community dashboard.  It shows the two most liked levels that were created over the last 48 hours.
 - Website: Tweaked community dashboard bullet points so they look better and don't wrap.
 - UJS: Fixed a bug on the invite screen that caused player bubbles to sometimes be draggable from behind other dialogs.  Thanks to DanWL for reporting this.
 - UJS: Fixed a rounding bug that could cause tournament coin prizes to be off by 1.  Thanks to Master Farah for reporting this.
 - UJS: Fixed rendering of Alternative Germany map.  Thanks to TBest for reporting this.
 - UJS: Removed the old UJS mode, and renamed UJS-Canvas to UJS.
 - Unity: Fixed dragging windows.  Thanks to The King for reporting this.