- Quickmatch: Added leaderboards.  If your global rating is 200 or more, you'll now see a "Leaderboards" button appear in the Quickmatch page.
 - Quickmatch: Fixed duplicate "country" ratings.  Thanks to Timiniator for reporting this.
 - Unity: If you issue an attack, then remove all of the armies from the source territory of that attack, then open the attack/transfer dialog again, the text box now defaults to "0" so that selecting Okay will now remove the attack without having to manually type a "0" into the box.
 - Unity: Fixed a bug that made changing perspectives in history give an error message.
 - All: The "Retrieve older messages" button no longer appears on games without any chat.
 - All: Updated loading images.
 - Website: Improved the tooltips on the Points page.  Thanks to EFHIII for reporting this.
 - Website: Updated Press page.
 - Android/iOS: Fixed a bug that could cause parts of a chat message you're typing to be lost when using the "enter" key on the keyboard.  Thanks to MGO for reporting this.

 - UJS: Fixed a bug with text sizing that made labels too small sometimes.
 - UJS: Fixed a bug that made some images scale improperly.