- Added the ability for members to create mod games that non-members can join at the cost of 3 coins per player invited.
 - The "View full settings" button is now always visible without having to scroll down.
 - Fixed a bug that made chat not resize properly.
 - Ladders on the Community Dashboard now use your entire browser width.  Also removed the green background.
 - Added a coin auto game, Small Earth 1 wasteland 5 coins.
 - Fixed visuals in level-up dialog over the unlocked maps.
 - Fixed a bug that made the member-only prereq not get removed when copying a game that had the prereq.  Thanks to dabo1 for reporting this.
 - Fixed a bug that made the non-member checkbox appear in single-player. It should be multi-player only.  Thanks to dabo1 for reporting this.
 - Fixed a bug that caused an error when inviting a player via add/remove players that hadn't signed up with an email address.
 - Fixed "FMOD failed to initialize" error.  Thanks to MoodyBlue for reporting this.
 - Fixed report bug page not sending up client log.  Thanks to Timiniator for helping discover this.
 - Flash: Added some padding to the left of the sound/music icons.   Thanks to Padraig for reporting this.