- Added quickmatch part 3. See the blog for full details.
 - Added achievements for defeating players up to level 68.
 - Increased quickmatch multi-day boot times from 25 hours to 30 hours.
 - Fixed a bug that made duplicate push notifications go out to iOS or the non-Unity Android app.  The Unity Android app was not affected by this bug.

 - Unity WebGL: Now loads as a new window.
 - Added achievements for quickmatch.
 - When submitting a bug report while signed in, it now gets created as a private mail thread.  You'll get replies in the mail thread instead of via email.
 - Maps are now limited to 30 distribution modes and 1500 bonuses.
 - Fixed a bug that could cause an error if your browser ran out of local storage.  Thanks to bwicked25 for reporting this.
 - Fixed a bug that could allow a game's thumbnail to overwrite the fogged thumbnail for a map.  Thanks to Muli for being the first to report this.