- Added mods to the Unity client.
 - Added a "one army must stand guard" icon to the setting icons.
 - Fixed a bug that made loading saved single player games from before the update give an error.
 - Added the Server_Created hook which can modify a game's settings when it's created.
 - If a mod in a multi-player game crashes, players now get a more friendly "This mod has crashed" error.
 - If a mod in a multi-player game crashes, it now saves the report into the database.  Mod creators can click the new "Reports" button in the mod development console to view data about any crashes.
 - Games with mods are never considered pure skill.
 - Mod authors can now place a file in their github repo called ModDescription.txt.  This file will be loaded and displayed to players when "Mod Info" is clicked.
 - Moved all WarLight mod classes into the global "WL" namespace.  For example, to create an Armies object instead of just saying "Armies()", you now say WL.Armies.Create().  This helps ensure nothing will conflict, makes the documentation easier to use, and makes the mod system perform better.
 - Added constructors for many more types, such as card instances and special units.
 - Fixed a bug with mods where accessing in invalid property popped up a generic "An error has occurred" window instead of a nicer alert.
 - Fixed a bug that caused an error when a mod created a list and assigned it back to an object.
 - Fixed a bug with mods where integers as dictionary keys were incorrectly being converted to strings.
 - Fixed a bug with uploading images that could cause them to give errors.