- Added the ability to publish player-made levels.  See the blog for full details.
 - The seven main single player levels have been replaced with the 35 new levels that were previously called the Preview Levels.  
 - The old single player levels levels can still be found at https://www.warzone.com/SinglePlayer/AllBuiltIn
 - Level "Kill or be killed": Gave the player one additional territory to start.
 - Level "Caesar's challenge": Boss health now varies based on its stage.
 - Level "Sinsiter Water": Enemy AIs now have commanders.
 - Level "Finding the limit": Reduced difficulty.
 - Defeating built-in single player levels while signed in now give points.  2500 for the first win, and an additional 2500 for earning a gold star.
 - Non-members now see a short video ad before starting a new single player level instead of the banner ads.  The first three levels will never show ads.
 - Fixed a bug with Autopilot that made it cause errors if the button was clicked too quickly.
 - Fixed a bug that caused an error in history if you switch perspective while viewing the last turn of a game.
 - Level creators can now see the names of everyone who's played their level, as well as how many attempts and wins each player made.
 - Boss events are now fogged properly -- if it takes place in the fog, it will no longer be visible.
 - When publishing a level, the game will say "PUBLISHING" in front of the game name in the top left corner.
 - Fixed a bug that caused the AI to not take their turn in some local deployment games that also used blockade cards.