- Added WarLight Coins.
 - Added a new window that shows up whenever a game ends (or you're eliminated), telling you about points/coins/achievements you earned in the game, provides a rematch button, and shows an army graph of the game.
 - Game/tournament links are now automatically shown in your browser's address bar, instead of being shown in the settings.
 - The points bar in the top-right was replaced by a coin counter.  You can instead see your level progress by hovering over your level in the upper right, or clicking Settings -> Points.
 - Increased the number of unearned achievements shown to the player from 5 to 10.
 - During the process of joining an auto game, if the game starts without you, you'll simply be taken to its replacement instead of thrown into spectator mode.
 - Eliminated the "Home" tab. Moved Change History and About to Help, Maps to Community, Unlockables to Settings
 - Using "https" is now required.