- The real-time ladder page now gives a loading icon while waiting for a game to be created.  It continually checks for a game to be created, and can optionally make a sound when the game is created.
 - The open games page now has a link to the real-time ladder, if you have access to it and there is at least one player in the ladder.
 - The 2v2 ladder page, when you're not currently joined to it, now shows the most recent team you played with instead of the oldest one.
 - 1v1 ladder: Players now must finish 20 games to qualify for a rank, instead of 15.
 - 1v1 ladder: The matchmaking range has been be decreased from 30% to 20%. This just means you’ll get games with players that are nearer to you in the ladder.
 - 1v1 ladder: Games now expire after 5 months instead of 3. Existing expired games will not un-expire, this will just delay the expiration of games that are currently not expired.
 - 1v1 ladder / strategic 1v1 template: The luck modifier has been decreased from 16% to 0%
 - 2v2 ladder / strategic 2v2 template: The map has changed from Medium Earth to Final Earth
 - Real-time ladder: The boot time has changed from 5 minutes to 3 minutes, but with an initial bank time of 5 minutes. This means you can exceed the new 3-minute boot timer for a total of 5 minutes throughout the entire game.
 - Real-time ladder: The Season II and Season XI templates have been replaced by China and Treasure Map.
 - In a game lobby, it's now possible to click the host's name and open their profile.  This is useful if someone creates a game but does not play in it themselves.

 - Added a bar in the top-right of the website pages, similar to what exists within the single and multi-player tabs.  It shows unread mail, your level, level progress, and links to account pages.
 - WarLight memberships can now be purchased yearly in addition to lifetime.  See http://warzone.com/Membership to view prices.
 - Auto boot time can now be set as low as 3 minutes (down from the previous limit of 5 minutes).
 - Profiles of players in the United States now show which state they're in when hovering over the flag on their profile.