- Added the Unlockables page under the Home tab.
 - Added the Mega Strategy Pack and Mega Maps Pack.
 - In the map designer, there's now a separate button for editing a map's unlock level that explains more about the process and also recommends a level to use.
 - Map unlock levels are now capped at max level with a reward + 2, currently 55.
 - If you want to change your name more often than every 5 levels, you can now purchase a name change for $3.99 which lets you change it immediately.  This also gives a week of ad-free play.
 - Fixed a bug that caused territory linking to not work if the chat box was kept open from the lobby.

 - In real-time games, when the right column is pinned, the clock now centers itself above the orders list.
 - The GameFeed API can now be used on any game you are in, in addition to the previous allowance of tournament/ladder/CLOT games.