- Server now runs on the JVM for increased performance and reliability.  See the blog for full details.
 - All levels above 52 now require 500k fewer points to achieve.  This was done to make level 53 a bit less steep from 52 (100k -> 225k instead of 100k -> 725k).  If you are above 52, you should notice your progress in the current level go up.  However, note that nobody gained or lost points from this change -- your progress bar went up since the level requires fewer points.  If you were close to getting the next level, you'll show as past 100% in your current level.  In this case, your level will go up the next time you receive any points and the remaining points will count as progress towards the next level.
 - Made some reliability improvements to the ladder updating system.
 - The "ads were blocked" message now allows you to close it immediately as long as ad blocks are occasional.
 - iOS/Android: Fixed a bug that caused selecting "View teammate orders" to close the current game.