- Added the mail system.  See the blog for full details.
 - Added private notes. See the blog for full details.
 - Forum posts can now be edited.
 - Renamed Invite List to Friends List.
 - Blacklisting a player now removes you from their friends list and also prevents them from adding you back.
 - When creating custom scenarios, it is now possible to set the contents of an entire bonus at once.  Just select the bonus via the bonus link and then type in the new value on the left.
 - The achievements list now shows you 5 acheivements that you don't currently have.  This also provides a way to know if you've unlocked every achievement, as this section will be blank if you have them all.
 - The text on some achievements was changed so they have consistent tenses ("Won a game" to "Win a game", "Rated a map" to "Rate a map")
 - When you earn an achievement from a game, the Points page now shows which game you earned it in.  Additionally, the in-game popup won't appear until after you've watched the turn for that game. This avoids spoiling what happened.  This only happens for achievements earned after this update.
 - CLOT: The ValidateInviteToken API can now be passed a list of template IDs to verify if that player has access to those templates.  This makes it easier for a CLOT to determine if it should let a player join or not.  See the wiki for full details.
 - Forum posts with wide images now use scrollbars instead of growing the table.  This is done to ensure that posts can't overlap ads.
 - Negative sanction cards can no longer increase a player's income above 10,000.  If incomes get too high, it often causes overflows which break the game.
 - Fixed a bug in games with the Army Cap that prevented the "You've reached the army cap" message from appearing.
 - When playing a turn, your orders are now saved locally on that device.  If you don't commit and come back later (or if your device crashes), you can continue playing the turn from where you left off instead of having to start over.
 - iOS: Fixed a bug that caused a crash when selecting Single Player -> Custom Game if you had templates.
 - Android: Fixed a bug that caused push notifications to take you to the wrong game in some cases.
 - Fixed a bug with local deployments and negative income (i.e. sanctions, army cap, negative bonuses, etc.)
 - Changed the way that auto games are created so that there shouldn't be any gaps between when one game starts and the next is created.  Because of this, there should always be auto games available on the Open Games tab.