- The game creation UI has been overhauled.  See the blog for details.
 - You can now search by player name, both globally and within your invite list.  When searching globally, short names will not be searchable, since you must search for at least 3 characters.  Also, very common names (with more than 25 occurances) may not be very searchable, since you only get 25 results.  
 - Players can now log into WarLight with their Facebook account, which eliminates the need to remember a separate password.  You can link an existing WarLight account with a Facebook account at http://warzone.com/LinkFacebook
 - If a you remove a player from your game in the lobby, it's now possible to add that player back if you change your mind.
 - The forum section of the dashboard now only shows threads that have been deemed notable by a moderator.  See the announcement on the blog for full details.
 - Added new setting "Default to History."  If enabled, opening a finished game that you weren't in defaults to showing the start of the game instead of the end of the game.
 - There's a new "Report Bug" page located at http://warzone.com/ReportBug.aspx.  This is now the preferred way to report any bugs players find in WarLight.  The bugs forum has been removed.
 - All APIs have been moved from xml to json, and use an API token for authentication instead of your password.  See the blog or wiki for details.
 - The CreateGame API can now invite non-members as long as no member-only features are used in the game settings.
 - Optimized the map designer to make editing bonuses faster on large maps.
 - When viewing a completed game's territory distribution, the players list in the lower-right no longer shows who won and who lost.
 - Tooltips are no longer clipped by the edge of the map.
 - The lobby received a minor facelift.
 - Selecting a territory from the "Search territories and bonuses" dialog now invokes the locator circle to help you find the territory.
 - Fixed a bug that Chrome recently introduced that made it sometimes report that the Control key was being held down when it was not.  This would prevent attacking during the attack phase, and would instead make it deploy armies.  Now, WarLight ignores the control-key-is-down flag until it sees it be up after changing to the attack phase.
 - Added an option on the report page for impersonating other players.
 - Sorting tournaments by name is now case insensitive.  This means tournaments that start with a lower-case character aren't put at the end.
 - Fixed a bug that caused the game's right column to be empty when it started hidden.

 - Added a secret hotkey (Ctrl+Shift+J) during the save-as-template step that allows non-members to alter the boot times, private messaging, and practice game settings on built-in templates as they could before.  See the blog for full details.
 - Optimized the My Games query a bit.
 - Added double-click support to the create-game pages that ask about choosing templates.
 - Changed the team controls from a drop-down to radio buttons.
 - Added rounded corners to the dashboard page.
 - Improved the display of forum threads when viewed on iPhones.
 - Fixed a bug that could cause an error when sorting the forwarding tournament invites page.
 - Fixed the report bug page for players using Opera.
 - Fixed a bug that could cause an error when a host changes players on a team game with open seats.
 - Fixed a bug that occurred if you tried to copy a game's settings that used random teams.
 - Fixed the error message that came up if a non-member map creator attempted to add more than 24 players to a game on a map they made.
 - Fixed a bug that was causing several of the setting-highlights to default off for new players.
 - Fixed a bunch of other various small bugs in the new game creation screens.
 - Fixed a bug that caused an error when customizing tournament settings.
 - When creating a co-op multi-player game (a team of humans vs AIs), the "AIs Surrender When One Human Remains" setting is automatically disabled.  This setting doesn't make any sense in co-op games since the AIs would want to surrender immediately when the game started.
 - Made a few minor adjustments to the wait dialog: It now always prints the entire message when it's long, and the background tint was removed.
 - The aspx extensions are now optional in page urls.
 - Fixed a bug when creating a game from a map page that caused the template to say the game would be on the Earth map.
 - Fixed a bug when viewing history that caused players who were booted during territory selection to show as having an income.
 - Fixed a bug that caused the vacation page to always say 0 vacations had been used.
 - If you abort a attack animation after the attacking armies die (by clicking stop or clicking on the order in the orders list), the number shown now reverts back to the number of attacking armies, and not the number that survived.
 - On the invite screen, clicking "Add to game" on two players really quickly no longer causes an error message.
 - The Open Games tab now will always show you games you created, even if you don't meet your own prerequisites.
 - Optimized the My Tournaments page a bit.
 - Tournaments can now be created as real-time, with same rules as games.  If they don't start within an hour, they'll be automatically deleted.
 - If a team has multiple copies of an identical card, and two teammates try to play the same card at the same time, the server will now silently change the second committer's orders to use the available card.
 - Fixed a bug that caused an error if you clicked Play Card on a surveillance card, opened the (more info) link on a territory, and then clicked a bonus worth 0 armies per turn.
 - Fixed a timing bug that occurred if someone declined a tournament at the exact moment that tournament was starting.
 - The attack-teammate and diplomacy confirmation dialogs now close when changing phases.
 - Fixed a bug that caused the check-boxes on the Statistics->Graphs page to not enable after a game ended.
 - Fixed a bug when creating a game from a template that caused the auto-boot drop-down to not default to the value stored in the template.
 - Fixed a bug that sometimes caused Facebook signups to fail.

 - Added a link on the Forum page to view posts from all forums together.
 - Added a tournament filter "Active tournaments I didn't decline"
 - [code] blocks on the forum no longer become double-spaced
 - Added DeleteLobbyGame API that allows CLOT to delete games if they don't start.
 - The GameFeed API can now be used by CLOT to retrieve limited player data about games that haven't finished yet.
 - Sped up the "My Touranemnts" page a bit.
 - Improved the error dialog with options to report the bug.
 - Fixed a bug that was causing some maps to use more data points than they needed to, slowing down the map rendering. 
 - Fixed a bug in the analyze graphs that could occur when the offensive kill rate was significantly modified from its standard 60%.
 - Fixed a bug that could cause an error in some cases when loading a saved game.

 - Real-time tournament invite emails are now controllable separately from multi-day tournament invite emails.  Real-time ones default off, whereas multi-day ones default on.
 - The CreateGame API can now specify overridden bonuses.
 - Fixed a bug in the game creator that made custom scenarios not appear if you closed and re-opened the scenario builder right away.
 - Fixed a bug that caused an error if you clicked "map page" on an under-development map
 - Added the ability to change a player's color locally.  Everything will change except the little box next to their chat messages.
 - Re-arranged the player popup a bit when making room for the Change Color button.  It's now easier to read the info box when it has long lines.
 - The seasonal ladder now requires 7 games to be completed before getting a rank instead of 5.  This will cause the ratings to be less chaotic in the early days of a season.
 - Fixed a bug that caused an error if you typed a non-number into the reinforcement card's progressive multiplier box.
 - Added help forum.
 - Real-time games no longer send e-mails when you surrender, win, are eliminated, or vote to end.  They were unnecessary since, unlike in multi-day games, the player was likely already present in the game when these actions took place.
 - When chatting, you can sometimes see messages that came in from a turn greater than the one you're looking at.  The client now notices this and automatically refreshes to get the latest turn.
 - When creating a multi-day tournament with the word "lobby" in the title, the game now suggests that you should probably use real-time for real-time tournament lobbies.
 - Tweaked the refresh times a bit.  It's now faster in real-time games.  It's slower in multi-day games unless they advanced in the last 10-20 minutes so that they can still be played real-time.
 - The clock shown for real-time games no longer shows 0 hours since it's always 0.