1.14.0: (2012-07-17)

 - Added ability to highlight settings.  See the blog for full details.
 - Added the ability for game creators to disable percentage attacks, transfer only, or attack only.
 - Territories now flash when you issue an attack to or from them or play a card on them. 
 - Increased the length of game and tournament descriptions from 1024 to 2048 characters.
 - Swapped the Facebook like button on the home page to the new WarLight Facebook page, at facebook.com/warzone.com
 - The forum now recognizes URLs between parenthesis as links.  For example, you can now write "WarLight (http://warzone.com) is a great game" and the URL will be clickable.
 - On the settings panel, the following settings were moved from the core section to the army section: multi-attack, move order, and fog.
 - Added a confirmation to starting a vacation.
 - The luck values of attacks are now only shown if the army counts on both the source and destination territories are visible to you.
 - The mini-profile popups on the tournament page no longer appear off the bottom of the screen.
 - Fixed a bug that made the mousewheel scroll the lower-right players summary too fast.
 - Fixed a bug that caused an error if you started to play a card with UI, but entered history or viewing your teammate's orders before finishing playing the card.
1.14.1: (2012-07-18)
 - Fixed a bug that caused the boot time in real-time games to always be highlighted.
 - Fixed a bug that caused the boot time highlights to compare with "less than or equal" when the text says "less than"
 - Fixed a bug that caused an error if you typed fractional numbers into some of the highlight boxes.
 - Fixed a bug that occurred if you had the same game open in multiple browsers.  If you committed orders in browser A, then tried to re-do them in browser B, you'd get an error message.
1.14.2: (2012-08-07)

 - Added icons to the deploy/attack/confirmation steps, and replaced the green arrow with a green highlight.
 - When inserting territory/bonus names into the chat box via the shift/ctrl hotkey, the caret now moves to the end of the line.
 - Creating a game from a map's page now skips the map selection step and goes straight to the customize settings step.
 - Adjusted the tense of text that's displayed in the orders list to be consistent.  Future tense while you're building your turn, and past tense when you're watching a turn play out.
 - When instant surrender is enabled, the player popup no longer shows text about who has accepted their surrender.
 - Added a link to the map page from the map previewer.
 - Added a scrollbar to the single-player level screen for small resolution screens.
 - Added a scrollbar to the map design screen for maps with long descriptions.
 - The orders, players, and selection areas of the game screen are no longer transparent.  The selection panel is now hidden when nothing is selected.
 - Fixed a bug that made the number of teams default to 0 when copying a team game's settings.
 - Fixed a bug that occurred when your internet connection died while trying to load a tournament.
 - Fixed a bug that made the attack/transfer dialog default to -1 if you tried to issue an attack from a territory with 0 armies.
 - Fixed a bug that caused the following settings to not save in single-player saved games: rounding mode, transfer/attack only, percentage attacks.
1.14.3: (2012-08-13)
 - Added icons to buttons and orders.
 - Added the ability to link territories and bonuses in chat.
 - Game creators no longer need to click Join Game for games they create as long as they got their color.
 - Added new game setting: Automatically start when all players join.  Game creators can uncheck this to have control over when their game starts.  The "Start Game" button was added to the lobby.
 - The turn number that's displayed for games now shows the turn that's being played instead of the number of turns that have passed. In other words, it's now one higher than before.  This affects the number that's displayed in the upper-left corner of the game screen as well as the My Games page.
 - Added a new open prerequisite, "prevent WarLight members from joining"
 - Minor updates were made to Small Earth, Earth, Medium Earth, Double Earth, and Double Medium Earth maps.  No changes affected gameplay.