- Added map rating and review system.
 - Added the ability to favorite maps, and to show off up to three favorite maps on your profile.
 - Added filtering and sorting capabilities to the Maps page.
 - Map creators can now edit the descriptions of their maps.
 - A few pages were swapped between the Community and Home tabs. 
 - It's now possible to report a player through a link at the bottom of their profile. As a result, players no longer need to be in a game with someone to report them.
 - Fixed a bug that caused the sub-tab images to be off by a pixel in Firefox.
 - Fixed a bug when loading a template that used a custom scenario that could cause players to default to the wrong slot.
 - Fixed a bug that occurred when loading a multi-player template in single-player that had "AIs surrender when one human remains" enabled.
 - Fixed an error that occurred if players entered a number greater than 2.1 billion for "maximum number of cards you can hold without playing any"
 - Fixed a bug in the create game wizard that made the auto-boot drop down change back to "Never" when clicking previous and then next.
 - Fixed a bug that caused territories to not be brought to the front when selected via the "more info" link.
 - When issuing attacks, you can now click on the arrow itself instead of the territory.  This only works when the arrow is over water (clicking on a territory always has priority).  This makes it easier to issue attacks that wrap around the map.
 - The attack/transfer dialog now always appears on-screen.  To keep double-click working, three invisible spots in the corners now double as the "Okay" button.
 - Nudging is now only possible once players have not moved for 25 hours.

 - Map pages now place the map's name in the page's title.
 - Added an explanation to the history dialog to help new players understand it.
 - Clicking on the seasonal ladder from the Dashboard now takes you to that season instead of the list of seasons.
 - Minor text changes were made on the map page.  Removed the text "so far" after "x players found this review helpful" and changed "First went public on" to "Went public on"
 - Fixed a bug that was preventing the Flash file from being resized down too small vertically.
 - Fixed a bug that broke the question-mark link next to a game creator's Personal Message.
 - Fixed a bug in the map designer that caused bonuses to sometimes become unclickable.
 - Fixed a bug that in rare cases caused the deployment slider to not close when a game ended.
 - The attack/transfer dialog double-click detection has been improved, especially when attacking near the top of the screen.
 - The attack/transfer hot-spots are now only active if they're the one that started under your cursor.
 - Fixed a bug that bloated the size of the Flash file.