- Added the Seasonal ladder.
 - Added forum search.
 - The "Armies received per turn" graph has been split into two.  See the blog for full details.
 - Added an API so that map designers who are also developers can enter map details programmatically (territory names, connections, center points, bonuses, etc.)
 - The Strategic 2v2 template's initial player armies per territory changed from 5 to 4.
 - In real-time games, the clock now makes a ticking sound for the final 30 seconds before players become bootable.
 - The automatic refresh now refreshes more often when you're actively chatting in a game, which makes real-time conversations easier.
 - Added a button in the map designer that shows URL you can use to share your map with other players.
 - Fixed a bug with the map designer that caused uploading a SVG that had problems to create an empty map that had to be deleted.
 - Fixed a caching bug that caused map thumbnails to be very slow at updating when a map was changed.
 - Fixed a bug that caused the Favorite Games screen to not show archived games.
 - Fixed a bug that was causing total times played with another player to show lower numbers than normal on your invite list.
 - Fixed a bug that caused a boot notification that appears in the orders list to come up a turn late when players are set to turn into AIs when booted.
 - Forum threads that do not get posted to for more than 6 months are now automatically deleted.  Some special threads are immune from deletion, such as the Impaller vs The World ones.
 - Improved the analyze window in cases where the offensive kill rate is set to very low percentages.  It's still wrong in some cases, but they'll be far more rare.


 - The clock now only ticks if you haven't committed your orders yet.
 - Fixed a bug that made the clock tick play even when sounds were turned off.
 - Maps that are uploaded are now just called SVG files instead of "Visions."  Back in the day, they didn't used to be SVG files, so giving a word like Vision was helpful.  However, calling them SVG files just makes more sense now.
1.09.2:  (2011-12-16)

 - Fixed a bug when browsing maps that occurred if you searched for a map, then went back and changed the template to one whose map didn't match the filter.
 - Fixed a bug that made the thumbnail creator omit rectangles with negative heights or widths.
 - Fixed a bug that made the thumbnail creator render rounded rectangles incorrectly.
 - The ladder pages for seasonal ladders no longer incorrectly say that players are playing in one game at a time.
 - Clicking on a link to a map that has been deleted now gives a more friendly error.
1.09.3: (2012-01-08)

 - WarLight now shows game tips on the loading screen.
 - Players can now decide which ladder stats they want to show on their profile.
 - Profiles now show partners when showing 2v2 ladder stats.
 - The map designer now has a "Show example armies" button.  This can help set center points more accurate, and also helps identify territories that are too small to house their army numbers.
 - Failed attacks are now always visible to the player (or team) that issued them, even if they don't have any adjacent territories.
 - Fixed bugs with the APIs GameFeed and GameIDFeed that caused them to fail on some archived games.
 - Fixed a bug that caused there to be too many teams when copying a team tournament game's settings.
 - Fixed a bug that caused players who had left the seasonal ladder to not be ranked.  All players with 5 completed games should get a rank.
 - The ladder pages for seasonal ladders now indicate if a player has left the seasonal ladder.
 - Fixed a bug on the map designer that caused green lines that wrap around the map to appear incorrectly on very large maps.
 - Fixed a bug that caused Azerbaijan's thumbnails to not appear.