2011-09-17:  1.07.0:

 - Single-player games can now be saved and resumed.
 - Players can now disable the window rotate animations on the Settings tab.
 - Cleaned up the Settings tab a bit.
 - Fixed a bug that caused armies to appear moveable out of a territory that is being gifted.
 - Fixed a bug that caused the players panel to show a blank state for players who surrendered during territory distribution.
 - Fixed a bug that caused neutral 0s to sometimes show blank instead of 0.
 - Fixed a bug that caused AI territory selection to overflow on extremely big maps.
 - When using a territory limit, AIs now pick an appropriate number of territories instead of picking every territory on the map.

2011-09-24:  1.07.1:
 - Performance and scability improvements
 - Lots of bug fixes
2011-09-27:  1.07.2:
 - The "Average play speed" figure is now separated between real-time and multi-day games.  Open Seat Prerequisites also now has the ability to look at player's play speed for each individually.
 - Updated the strategic 1v1 settings as voted on.  Initial armies became 4 instead of 5.
 - Fixed bugs around the "Inactive for" field.  Previously, it could sometimes show a player as active when they really never came to the site.
 - Fixed a bug that caused an error if a player joined an open seat, left the game, and then re-joined the same open seat again.
 - More performance and scability improvements

2011-10-04:  1.07.3:
 - New card graphics.
 - The single player main menu received a facelift.
 - Fixed a bug that caused the Statistics panel to go wonky if you graphed a game with no turns with animations enabled.
 - WarLight is now more resistant to disk corruption when local storage is enabled.  Maps that get corrupted will automatically be re-downloaded.
 - AIs are now much faster at taking their turn on large maps.