- Ladder matchmaking has been tweaked.  Instead of matching players/teams with 20% of the ladder on either side, WarLight now matches either 10 places on either side or 25%, whichever is larger.
 - Ladders will no longer invite you to a game with someone you just finished playing or someone you're currently playing.
 - The ratings of players in their provisional period are no longer shown on the main ladder pages.  You can still see their provisional rating by clicking on their name.  The main ladder pages sort provisional players by the order in which they first joined the ladder.
 - Players who have finished 30 or more ladder games now have the option of dropping to one game at a time.
 - Updated the layout of the 2v2 ladder's games so they're more readable.
 - Added Open Tournaments.
 - Maps are now divded into more categories.
 - The map browser now has a Sort drop-down that allows you to sort by name, map size, or map age.
 - The map browser now has a search field so you can find maps by name.
 - Added the blockade card to the Strategic 1v1 settings per blog post.
 - The website now shows times in your local timezone instead of GMT.  Your time zone is automatically read when you access the Single-Player or Multi-Player tabs and may take up to 10 minutes to take effect.  After it reads your timezone, all times on WarLight will show in your local timezone except the Dashboard page.
 - Tweaked the history hotkeys based on feedback.  The Home and End keys are now used to go to the beginning and end of the game, and the left/right keys are strictly for moving one turn at a time.
 - Moved GameFeed to /API/GameFeed.aspx.  GameFeed can now be used on any game, not just ladder/tournament.
 - Added /API/GameIDFeed, /API/CreateGame and /API/ValidateInviteToken
 - Profiles now say "1v1" instead of "2 player FFA"
 - Changed the way that the Flash app is sized to fix scrollbar issues.
 - Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the turn indicators in the chat window to be off by one.
 - Fixed a bug that sometimes caused focus to get lost, making hotkeys not work until the next click.
 - Fixed a bug that caused the 15-minute auto boot to really be 10-minute auto boot.
 - Fixed a bug that caused a white box to appear over player names on the invite screen for players with an extremely large invite list.
 - Fixed a bug when previewing a map from the website that caused the "Go back" button to be visible when it didn't do anything.